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Welcome to the Thredbo Alpine Museum

Please feel free to browse a selection of short videos.


Press play and please enlarge the video to full screen


Title - Thredbo Museum


Playing time - 4 minutes & 44 seconds


Description - An informative introduction to the aims and background of the Museum and its growth via generous donations and time from many people and volunteers


Title - Thredbo 


Playing time - 5 minutes & 13 seconds


Description - Thredbo from the beginning. A beautiful montage of video clips celebrating 50 years from 1957 to 2007


Title - Modern Snow Village


Playing time - 2 minutes & 54 seconds


Description - Thredbo Village promotion as a modern day snow village circa early 1960's


Title - Live your dream. Thredbo, Celebrating Winter Since 1957


Playing time - 2 minutes & 28 seconds


Description - Special thanks must go to the Lance Family, Max & Nick Brunninghausen, Bernie Rosow, Tim Myers, Heli Guy, Chris Bryan and Tim Tregoning for contributing to this video.


Title - My Thredbo - Tommy Tomasi | An Australian Alpine Legend still skiing at 90


Playing time - 3 minutes & 18 seconds


Description - Tommy Tomasi is an icon of Alpine Australia, he founded Thredbo Ski Patrol over 60 years ago and is still skiing today at the young old age of 90.


Title - Thredbo Cup qualifying races


Playing time - 2 minutes & 15 seconds


Description - Qualifying races for the inaugural Thredbo Cup in Thredbo. Circa 1964


Title - Thredbo 60 years of stoke - Coming of Age


Playing time - 3 minutes & 34 seconds


Description - Randy Wieman talks about the evolution of Thredbo over the last 60 yrs


Title - Thredbo 60 years of stoke - The early years


Playing time - 2 minutes & 47 seconds


Description - What better way to celebrate Thredbo's 60th season, than taking a look back at the different periods that have shaped it into the amazing place that it is today, narrated by Frank Prihoda (Thredbo's eldest statesman)


Title - One Man Alone


Playing time - 6 minutes & 10 seconds


Description - Malcolm Milne (Aust) in his first world cup win in Val'd'lsere on the 14th Dec 1969 and the first win by an Australian


Title - Charles Anton & the Main Range


Playing time - 11 minutes & 19 seconds


Description - The story Of Charles Anton and his vision as early as 1945 of building on the main range and promoting Australia's fledgling ski industry

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